What Problems Can Occur with Acrylic Sign Letters Mounting Hardware?

Acrylic Sign Letters | Acrylic Letters for Outdoor Signs Acrylic Material Has Certain Chemical Properties That Need to Be Considered When Attaching It to A Sign. Specifically, Acrylic Slightly Expands and Contracts to Temperature. We Do Not Recommend Screwing or Nailing Through an Acrylic Letter. It Is Best to Attach the Letter with Glue Behind the Face to Conceal the Mounting Hardware. If You Plan to Drill Through Acrylic, It Is Best to Slightly Oversize the Holes So, the Acrylic Won’t Expand and Crack Around the Fastener Such as a Screw or Nail. It Is Best to Use an Acrylic Adhesive to Attach the Letters. Double-sided Foam Tape Is an Indoor Product Because UV rays Will Deteriorate the Foam.

What Is the Difference Between Flat Cut Acrylic and Plastic?

Acrylic Alphabet Letters Are Cut Out from A Flat Solid Sheet by a Computer Driven Laser. The Solid Acrylic Sheets Are Available in Four Thicknesses Up To 1/2 Inch And 46 Brilliant Colors. The Laser Cut Out Letters Have a Smooth Polished Face and Edge. Formed Plastic Building Letters Are A 3d Letter That Is Vacuum Formed Around Molds. Acrylic Letters Are Cut Out from A Sheet of Solid Acrylic by a Computer Driven Laser. Formed Plastic Building Letters Are Economical, Have Three-Dimensional Depth, And Fast Turnaround. But Formed Plastic Letters Are Only Available in Select Font Styles and Sizes. Flat-cut-out acrylic Sign Letters Can Be Cut in Any Font Style and Used for Logos and Graphics.

How Are Acrylic Letters Made?

The Flat Cut-Out Acrylic Lettering for Signage Uses High-Density Polyethylene, Which Offers Great Rigidity and Tensile Strength for Sign-making. Plastic Acrylic Also Offers High Resistance to Chemicals and Corrosion and Is Combined with UV inhibitors That Help Prevent Colors from Fading. The Shape of Each Character Is Cut-out by a Computer Driven Laser. Once The Laser Cut Acrylic Lettering Has Been Cut Out, Mounting Hardware Is Attached for Use During Your Installation.